March 31, 2015

365 catch up....

    Saturday, March 28: I will definitely miss this little cherry tree in our yard when we move. It was literally an old stump that we were going to remove when we moved in. My hubby struck it with an axe, and the next day, it was sprouting a new branch. I guess it just needed a little jolt to bring it to life.
Sunday, March 29: I popped into Anthropologie after my shift on Sunday and drooled over some of their bohemian summer patterns. I am definitely a hippie at heart and if I could, I'd live in clothes that looked like I was ready at any given moment to go to an outdoor music festival. What's your favourite era of style? (I didn't buy anything, I'm still too cheap - it costs a lot to look like a hippie these days!!).
Monday, March 30th: I woke up this morning receiving a phone call that an ambulance took my mom to emergency. My wonderful friend Tricia took amazing care of my daughter while I spent time with my momma. There's something so incredible about having a network of people who you can lean on during these times. My mom was sent home later that day and wanted fish, so we made her a salmon feast and she gobbled it up. It was wonderful to see. She is the most incredible warrior. One day at a time, that's the only way I live now.
Tuesday, March 31: Whenever I have a few days off, I like to make sure that one of them is just for us to have fun - she's had her fair share of being shuffled around with me to doctor's appointments and hospitals for my mom this year. Today we went to gymnastics, got her some new puddle jumping rain boots, went out for frozen yogurt and visited friends. One of my friends made my mom a lasagna, and another brought over some crazy delicious brownies. Seriously, I can't talk about my people without tearing up - they are so incredibly supportive. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have left comments on your site before but always remained anonymous...My name is Annette and I live in Aldergrove. We have similar interests in photography and writing...and unfortunately we both have someone we love who has my case, my dear husband. Anyway, I wanted to say how your little blog cheers me up on days when I am so sad I feel like I'm spiralling down the drain. And your photos bring a smile to my face. I'm not sure which I like better, your writing or your photos - I'll take my time deciding that one! Recently I was invited to share some writing on a Canadian site called, "The Love Letters Project" It's written to people from people who have had similar experiences. I have found comfort and healing by sharing and by reading. i wondered if you might be interested? I know you are very busy but you have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself...the hardest part (for me) is keeping it down to 500 words! I will leave you the link here, if you're not interested that's okay. Take care, and thanks again for your blog. Annette

kelly said...

Annette, thank you so much for your kind comment!! I'm so sorry that you are going through this cancer battle with your love. It's such a strange battle because you hate to see them suffer and deteriorate so quickly and yet you love them so much, the thought of losing them is heartbreaking. If I was able to bring any smile to your day, that is the best compliment you could give me. Thank you so much for the website recommendation! I'm definitely going to check it out. I thoroughly believe that people who share experiences can help one another so profoundly. Thanks again for reaching out, your words were so very thoughtful.