March 27, 2015

365 catch up

Happy Friday friends!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend lined up!! Here are a few photos from our week:
Tuesday, March 24: I took the little one for her first round of mini golf. She refused to let me show her how to hold the club, so her rogue putting style provided for a loooong match. 

Wednesday, March 25th: With kids, I think it's all about variety. Here's a sampling of our post work/school snack plate. 

Thursday, March 26th: A night out!!! The ladies from work and I hit up Chewies for yummy share plates and delicious cocktails. And did I mention the serving staff were all men? It's worthy of noting. 
 Friday, March 27th: We had dinner with the family and gave my momma some much needed pampering. I taught my daughter how to massage nana's feet and legs with shea butter. There is nothing easy about watching someone battle cancer, but there are a lot of beautiful moments we share.

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