March 10, 2015


Today was a loooong one friends. The power went out in the morning, so we met up with friends for a delicious (and medically necessary) coffee break. But as the day wore on, the little turkey's nose was getting increasingly drippy and she didn't feel like doing anything - she wouldn't go for a walk, wouldn't go to the library, and the park? forgettaboutit - she just wanted to stay put. So we made homemade playdough, built forts, read books, did puzzles, and then had about 8 more hours to fill. But at one point, she snuggled up next to me and made me legitimately laugh my butt off with her goofy accents and funny faces. I pulled out my phone to quickly capture the moment. I look totally (and legitimately) tired, but this moment was the happiest, sweetest part of my day. And as much as we love them, don't you totally do a little victory dance after you kiss them goodnight and close their door? xoxo

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