April 30, 2011

our cherry tree

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I know this isn't a very exciting photo, but it is a lot prettier than the taxes we did this morning. And I think it is a little more photogenic than the 2-1 long drawn out snoozefest double-overtime loss that the Canucks just endured. Wake me up when this series is done. I'm   more than ready for the Canucks to push past this boring low scoring defensive series and get back to a more exciting style of hockey. But, as always, there was some great commentary. Tonight my favourite line was "he got drilled in his offensive zone." Ouch.

April 29, 2011

a beautiful day

I came home today to find my cat in absolute bliss in the sunniest spot in the house. Finally we got to feel the warmth of some sun today. It just just seemed to wash the day over with a happier palette. Did you watch the royal wedding? It's funny, I didn't have any interest in the wedding and wondered if I was missing some key female gene because everyone has been talking about it. I know people who were getting up early, or staying up all night to catch the big momentous occasion. There were theme breakfasts, theme parties, women dusting off their favourite show-stopping hats all in the name of monarchy love. And then while watching the news, I caught the images: The dress, the kiss on the balcony, the sea of amazing hats and I have to admit, I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the occasion. I even got misty eyed when I saw Kate climb out of the car in that jaw dropping gown. I thought she looked like a true modern princess. I guess I do have a bit of that "royal wedding" gene after all. Well I'll be damned.  I really do believe they are a real couple in love and that is what people are responding to so whole heartedly. I love the fact that they invited their local bartender and favourite candy store owners to the wedding. I popped by to see my mom and she was wearing a little veiled hat and had tea and biscuits laid out for us. It was such a sweet display. Here are a few of my favourite royal wedding photos: Don't you just love the little girl's expression in the last photo?

April 28, 2011

yaya night

Any night with this crew is always full of laughs. Tonight's dinner -amazing curry chicken and spicy pad thai - Lynny is ridiculously talented in the kitchen and we all get to benefit from it. And yes fellas, the game was on too. We are that cool. 

April 27, 2011

Next Stop: Nashville

After a nail-biting-heart-attack-inducing game 7 OT win against our age-old nemesis, the Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver was finally able to exercise their demons and get past the 'Hawks in round 1 last night. Next Stop? We face the Nashville Predators. I'm excited to see this match up. I predict that Carrie Underwood will be writing some sad ballads in the weeks to come as her hubby's team gets pulverized by some hairy faced Canadians.

April 26, 2011

Game 7

I am posting this between the second and third period. We are leading 1-0. I'm so proud of the way the team is playing tonight: spirited, aggressive - this is the team we needed to show up tonight. And Lou looks calm in net. My only wish is that he'd stop puck handling behind his net and just stay put already. So whatever happens in the 3rd period - I think we should be proud of the way we're playing tonight. That being said, I want them to DESTROY Chicago and end this already. My middle aged ticker is having a hard time with all of this stress. Go Canucks Go! 

April 25, 2011

A surprise bouquet

When we got home from doing errands today, there was a lovely bouquet of white gerbera daisies wrapped up, leaning against the front door. No card. No phone message. An amazing surprise. 
I put them in a pretty jug in the front window to say thank you to the mysterious sender. Don't you love random acts of kindness?

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I love the Easter Bunny and his candy coated chocolate droppings. I hope you had a fun time with family and didn't throw too many chocolate eggs at your TV screen during the playoff game tonight.

April 23, 2011

Happy Easter weekend!

I was walking past this field and saw this little girl sitting with her balloons. I scrambled to get my camera and got this quick shot before she ran away. I find this moment almost dream like. I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend!

April 22, 2011

Crescent Beach

Random shots from our sunny afternoon stroll through Crescent Beach. It is one of my favourite neighbourhoods and when I have an ice cream in hand, it's even better. I hope you had a great day sharing your time with someone you love. 

April 21, 2011

Campagnolo Restaurant, Vancouver

Tonight I went to Campagnolo Restaurant for the first time. (1020 Main Street, Vancouver) It was de-lish. I would definitely go back. The atmosphere is very eclectic and casual. Meals ranged from $15-$22 and everyone really enjoyed their dinner. There's a nice selection of pastas, pizzas and mains.  I was definitely happy to be having some great face time with friends instead of stuck in front of the tube watching the Canucks get pummelled 5-0. 

April 20, 2011


I hadn't seen this face in a few weeks and missed her terribly. She makes us all laugh and definitely lights up the room.

April 19, 2011

Pender Island women's weekend

Pictured from top to bottom: delicious breakfast to energize, beginning our hike up Mt. Norman, Niamh and Caroline at the top of Mt. Norman, the payoff view for our hard work, Magnolias at Poet's Cove, paw prints at Poet's Cove, Mooring's Cafe at Poet's Cove, Janet and Karen at Hope Bay, Morning Bay Winery barrels, Morning Bay Winery, steak and salmon feast night. 

The itinerary: 
Friday-all arrive at the house, spaghetti feast, moonlit walk, dance party.
Saturday - hike Mt. Norman, spa time at Poet's Cove, feast at home, dance until the wee hours while screaming 80s lyrics enthusiastically
Sunday: Hope Bay cafe, Morning Bay wine tasting, Port Browning pub feast, moonlit ferry home

Ten women descended on Pender Island. It was a dynamic group of women - a physician, an occupational therapist, a child psychologist, to name but a few in the mix - who all balance families and demanding careers. The conversations were amazing. I love the simplicity of island living. We hiked up Mt. Norman and had a delicious picnic on top, soaking in the amazing views. For $12, the girls went to Poet's Cove steam cave and then sat in the marina-side jacuzzi while sea planes flew by, relaxing the afternoon away. It is such a spectacular setting. We went on moonlit walks, full of deer sightings who aren't afraid to graze a mere foot or two away. We sat on the deck and watched as porpoises and seals swam by. When there are ten women involved, you know the food is going to be incredible. For $25 each, we split groceries for the weekend, took turns cooking and feasted like queens (who in turn drank like sailors and danced like no one, and I mean no one was watching). 

eggs benny knock offs

When you're travelling with a group of women, you get to sample a lot of great food. I loved the simplicity of this recipe: 
Put turkey or ham slices in a muffin tin to form a nest. Crack an egg in the middle. Add a sprinkling of your favourite cheese and thyme. Bake in the oven at 350 for approx 15-18 minutes - check, as you can see I burnt the edges of mine. Then, once the eggs are cooked, remove from the oven and top it off with a few spoons of delicious Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce. (I just used the Knorr packet of Bearnaise sauce). Serve over English muffins. Add some fruit salad on the side and voila, a delicious breakfast! This recipe lends itself well to cooking for a large group.

April 18, 2011

project365 -quadruple shot catch up

    Friday: Arrival at Pender Island

    Saturday: My reading spot at Poet's Cove

   Sunday: Morning Bay Winery - Pender Island

Monday: First tulip to bloom in my garden

I had a busy weekend away on Pender Island with a gaggle (maybe it's a giggle?) of ten women. I'll post photos tomorrow of our mini adventure. When you have ten women in one room, the volume gets cranked so high that I'm sure wild dogs were gathering round. It definitely was a blast. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

April 14, 2011

bring on spring

While doing laundry today, I realized that all the clothes I buy lately are pink. I think I'm trying to will Spring here, even if the weather hasn't been cooperating. I lied down in the laundry pile and snapped this photo. Good thing photos aren't scratch and sniff :)
I'm heading off tomorrow morning for a girl's getaway weekend, so I won't be able to publish any 365 photos until Monday. I can't thank you enough to all of you who check in and see how the 365 is going.
One of my jobs is to make some playlists for the weekend. What are you grooving to these days?
I welcome any music tips! Here's a few songs that I downloaded on itunes today.....
Foster the People Adele ok go. Have a wonderful weekend!

April 13, 2011

introducing Jacques

I always knew the world needed more people like Alex and Alicia - positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, warm hearted, the list goes on and on - and now the world gets Jacques - their beautiful son. It's a great feeling watching your friends interact with their new baby. Their pride and excitement is so heartwarming. He's a lucky boy. 

April 12, 2011

It has to be our year

I think she's lighting the way to sweet victory.
First place in the Western Conference.
President's Trophy for top team in the league.
Team captain has the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Memorial Trophy on his mantle.
My Grandma has been a lifelong fan and is now 100. She deserves it.
It is time to bring....it.....home.
Playoffs begin tomorrow.
There's nothing like Vancouver at playoff time.
Go Canucks Go!

April 11, 2011

Crescent Beach Stroll

Sun is a precious commodity these days, so when it hits, I have to get to the beach. We went for an amazing sunset stroll. The thing I love about the beach, aside from the jaw dropping beauty of it all, is that you never know what you will find. In the top photo, I love how the dog turned around at just the right moment. (If only I had photoshop, I would have cropped the random legs out of the photo). As for that trio of cat photos, I just loved how her colouring blended with the texture and tone of the wood. Looking at the forecast this week, I think we'll have to savour ever last ounce of sun we got today.