March 15, 2015

365 catch up....

Wednesday March 11: At home with my little sickie. But for the first time in months she had a nap, giving me time to have one of these luxurious moments with a great read and a delicious coffee. 
Thursday, March 12: You know it's a beautiful spot when even an iphone camera can due it justice. These blossom trees are a gorgeous little escape in the middle of downtown Vancouver. 
Friday, March 13: Having a celebratory whiskey sour with two of my favourite funny ladies. 
Saturday, March 14: While spending the afternoon at mom's, I came across this list of food currently stocking their three freezers. It brought me to tears. Their circle of support is nothing short of incredible. 
Sunday, March 15: So pumped about the pieces we found today for our new home!

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