March 5, 2017

This is us

Hello friends! I don't seem to write on this blog as often as I'd like to. Today we drove to one of our favourite parks (Campbell Valley) and it was locked up due to the slushy/snowy trail conditions. But we parked on the side of the road and ventured in. We hiked (slid?) down a slippery "lesser known" trail and laughed when we found our way to the trail entrance and saw it had been taped up with the yellow "do not cross" tape due to hazardous conditions. Look at us being so adventurous before brunch. I apologize in advance for the sheer volume of bird photos but I just wanted to remember this moment today, where I was standing on a beautiful snow covered bridge, and everywhere I turned birds were landing all around me. I snapped all of these photos in less than 10 minutes, just taking in the sounds of their chirps and fluttering wings, interspersed with ducks and the sound of my daughter's voice asking if i'm done yet.....
But when I'm standing in nature, with my daughter and husband by my side, I think my heart is at it's fullest, which probably explains why most of my photos are taken in parks, because I want to share my happy place.
I read this article tonight and had to pass it on to you - it gives us all a much needed reminder of how precious our time is here. I highly recommend you take a few moments to read it here. After reading it, I also felt incredibly grateful that I am so madly in love with my family, and in return, have the best love reflected back. xo

January 21, 2017

Say yes

Hello loves. I hope 2017 is treating you well. I am setting out to embrace adventure this year. I was inspired after watching a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things.  I've been going through our home, systematically removing bags of things that we don't absolutely love or use all the time. I want our time to be spent embracing the great outdoors, seeking adventures with friends, exploring new places, making fantastic memories. I don't want to be spending my precious time tidying up stuff - and moving it from one spot to another. I want us to be conscious in our choices and only introduce quality items into our home that serves a purpose. Honestly over the Christmas holidays, my biggest highlights were: adopting a cat, going to Mary Poppins with my daughter, celebrating New Years with our fantastic friends in our home, and having a cosy Christmas with my family. None of it was about stuff. If we spend our weekend getting outside and doing activities, I feel invigorated. But if we spend the weekend driving around in traffic to do errands, going from store to store, by the end I feel depleted. This year I'm saying yes to experiences over stuff, surrounding myself with like minded adventurers, and making this one of our best years yet. Just a few weeks into the new year and we've got a trip booked, I'm going to a concert with one of my dear friends and we're catching a great comedy show soon. I am so excited. I hope you chase your spark. xoxo

December 6, 2016

good grief

Hello! It's been so long since I've had a moment to write, and I've missed it. It's funny, as the year comes to a close, I have caught myself thinking, 2017, now that has to be a better year!
In 2014, one month in, my mom had to tell me she was dying - bar none, the hardest conversation of our lives. So that year, we rallied around her and watched helplessly as cancer turned our family's favourite person into a sickly skeleton. All the hugging in the world, and cancer still found its way in between us. In 2015, we had to say goodbye to her, and learn to walk through a grief I have never known, where still to this day, a few moments alone in my car, free to let out the tears, can quickly become me shouting into the sky, where are you? Give me a sign you are around! I need you! I miss you! And our family unit, as I knew it, felt like it disappeared.
In 2016, the year started with a bang, with Dad in intensive care for two months, fighting for his life. And in that time, I sat beside him, day in, day out, re-living so many hard moments from my childhood, holding his hand, when at some moments I wanted to run screaming from that hospital. I wanted to say enough! And to layer on the grief this year we had to say goodbye to our cat of 18 years, and dog of 16 years. I lied on the floor, beside my dog, holding her as she left this world. I seriously covered her in more tears than I had ever let out in my life. She died when my husband was away, and I think I cried for the both of us that day.
But I'm not here to tell you my sob story because I know several people who have endured a lot worse this year. I'm here to tell you that layered in these tragic times of life, have been these moments, of pure joy, of fall down laughing, of travelling, of meeting new friends, of being in rooms with extraordinary souls. I've become one of those people who sits right inside the happy moments now. I consciously take note of them, and could give you a big list of moments that really stand out because I took the time to observe them from every angle. I remember, when mom only had a month or so to go, I was standing on a beach with friends, skipping rocks into the ocean. The kids were running around laughing, the sun was on our faces, and I remember looking around at each of them thinking, this is it, this beautiful moment will carry me a long way. I've stopped wishing 2017 is going to be extraordinary because I know now that life will throw a lot of good and bad our way, and it's all about navigating it and living with the reassurance that incredible moments will keep coming. When I called to tell my friend I was pregnant with Stella, she found out her dad was dying. When I told my husband I was finally feeling more myself again lately, our friend found out he has cancer. So, if you find yourself thinking, it'll get better when I have a bigger home, or I'm thinner, or I'm doing my dream job, or I have more money, guess what, life is all of the good and bad happening to you right now. Seek out the beautiful moments. I take a photo a day because I want to remember a special moment I experienced each and every day. I don't even have to look hard. They are all around. xo

November 13, 2016

Mt. Baker Getaway

Hello friends! How are you? We just did a mini getaway with friends to Mt. Baker. When my weekend line up includes mountaintop hiking, eating delicious homemade food, playing games with friends, sipping delicious wine, listening to music, going on a gorgeous river walk, and having amazing laughs, well, it's tapping into everything that feeds my soul. I am a huge proponent of the mini getaway. It's such a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and to break up these dreary November days. I hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

November 1, 2016

a walk in the park

Happy November 1st friends! This morning was a stunner, so I grabbed my camera and went on a gorgeous walk through my favourite park. It felt like a real gift, to have some time for myself, to do what I love so much - shooting photos in nature. Honestly, nothing makes my spirit feel more fulfilled than quietly observing animals in their natural setting. Maybe that's why our trip to Africa still ranks up there as one of my all time greatest life experiences. I hope you are able to steal some moments for yourself. I'll write more soon, but I have to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow, so it's time to hit the hay! xo

October 5, 2016

the best of friends

These three. Together since their mamas bonded in the local hospital's baby group. And now they are one month into Kindergarten at three different schools. They are completely different from one another, and yet their personalities compliment each other beautifully. My daughter asks about them all of the time and always draws things in threes - three fairies, three bunnies, always putting their names on them. We still get them all together once a week to keep this magical bond thriving. Sisters can be chosen. xo

September 28, 2016

Pender Island, B.C.

 This past weekend I had the amazing fortune to gather with six lovely women for a Pender Island getaway. It was one of the best wildlife experiences I have had - from seeing a pod of at least 15 killer whales go splashing by our patio, to hand feeding deer in the just felt like we were at the right place at the right time. One afternoon we even had a deer follow us along on a was definitely a magical weekend. We found new trails to venture, ate gourmet meals cooked by the group, danced the night away - it was all that you could ask for from a great getaway.