March 19, 2015

this and that......

Wednesday, March 18 - Today was a scary one. Mom was taken to emergency, her heart rate shot up to 200 beats per minute and her blood pressure was shockingly low. She felt like she was going to pass out. The nurse called in the squad - ambulance and firemen arrived - 8 people by mom's side in her bedroom. My dad, brother's family and myself went to the hospital and the doctor managed to get all of her readings back to normal with an IV drip and medication. Eventually, the doctor gave her a walker and wanted her to walk around the emergency room to see if her heart rate shot up again. It was really sweet watching my niece and nephew cheer her on. We cheer her on and will continue to, every step of this....but I tell you, this cancer is such a beast. Watching someone you love so desperately being robbed of their quality of life and being eaten away by this illness is brutal. She's lost over 50 pounds and looks so frail. It is heartwarming to watch my dad helping her, but I know inside he is screaming like the rest of us, wishing cancer never found her. 
When she woke up in the hospital bed, she looked at me and said, "You should have seen the firemen, they were hunks!" My first thought was, "Are people still using that expression?" But I just love her spirit - she is my brave warrior momma - the strongest person I have ever met. She was sent home later that afternoon. She's my energizer bunny. xo

Thursday, March 19: This is our new favourite snack. It's a smoothie made with frozen bananas, almond milk and Vega - plant based protein powder (chocolate flavour) - it has no gluten and no sugar and tastes like you'd expect the word Amazing to taste. 

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