April 26, 2010


One of my dearest friends (Forbes) has joined forces with a group of dynamic women to create BUST: a spectacular evening (May 14th) full of original artwork, live entertainment, gourmet food and amazing "experience packages" to be auctioned off. The proceeds support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Forbes asked me to submit a painting to their event. Of course I laughed and laughed (and probably fell over with subsequent laughter). I have only painted one or two paintings before and neither were worth the nails it would take to hammer into the wall. I poured over the amazing collection of contributed art on the Bust website and was so inspired. I wanted to do something for this great cause, so I aimed the bar just above "garage sale art." I call it "In Bloom". I wanted to create a little forest of abstract pink blossom trees to show that women faced with breast cancer can find strength when they unite and stand tall together.

Hiking the Chief

April 22, 2010

on my toes

Welcome to my open house. I wanted to create a new space to hang up my photographs and talk to friends. Please feel free to drop in anytime. I'll put the kettle on for us and you can be guaranteed there will always be chocolate.
I can't wait to fill up this space with delicious happenings. I chose to name my new home "on my toes" for several reasons: this is how I stand to kiss my 6'5" love, this is how I dance, this is how I like to feel the earth. With life continuously changing, I am always kept on my toes.