March 20, 2015

79/365 Springy Sprungy

Happy first day of Spring! When I think of Spring, I think of fresh beginnings - new buds on the trees.....fuzzy baby ducks swimming by....a wardrobe slowly transitioning from heavy to light.  On my commute home, of which I have AMPLE, and I mean AMPLE uninterrupted time to think about life.....I was thinking today that every beginning starts with baby steps. What if we just picked something important to us....and instead of thinking of the giant leap to get from A to B, we thought of the small, important steps that we have to take along the way. For example, what if your goal is to get in shape....maybe joining a gym shouldn't be your first step...maybe you won't go regularly, curse yourself as you see your money draining from your account each month and go drown your sorrows in a tub of ice cream - maybe it should be going for walks in your evening, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, dancing like a crazy person in your living room -  training your body to move first, then introducing a sport that you're going to stick to and enjoy along the way. If you find a gym mind numbingly boring (perhaps I'm editorializing) - then try just about everything else first until you find something you'll stick to. Maybe you're saving up for a trip and your focus is on cutting costs - start small - pack lunches, have friends over for potlucks, window shop and sleep on your decision then see if you really still need those new totally awesome jeans, brew your coffee at home and pack it to go instead of stopping at (we all know where) for your morning cupper.  I think sometimes we get paralyzed to make our goals come to life because we think it has to happen immediately in one or two grandiose steps, but it's the daily small decisions that mean the most. It's reaching for that apple instead of that cupcake, it's playing tag with your kids instead of watching a show, it's paying for things with cash instead of plastic.
So take a moment for yourself, and consciously think about one or two things that would take your life from great to Fan-freaking-tastic. One of my big goals this year is to carve out more adventures - I think I spent this past year in such a deep grief over my momma that I withdrew quite a bit from being present in my days and making bigger plans. I really want to make more of my life mirror how I feel in my home life - peaceful and blissful. Carve your own new beginnings this Spring - keep your goals plastered on the mirror and take little moments each day to work towards it. It all passes by in a blink of an eye, so make sure you are living the life you dreamt of. Namaste.

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