March 8, 2015

365 catch up...

 Thursday, March 5: First time trying Vij's food truck. De-freaking-licious. But, it was definitely a one -off treat - too spendy for my usual lunch budget.
Friday, March. 6 - Celebrating some wonderful news with friends. 
Saturday, March 7: Magnolia love around the hood.
Sunday, March 8: A lovely afternoon exploring Fort Langley
 Hello friends - I hope you are recovering from losing that hour today!!! As one of my friends said today, why don't they make us spring our clocks ahead on Friday afternoon? Who are these people that shorten our Saturday nights?!? Let me at them. I'll write more on the blog tomorrow since it has been a long time since I've last written anything at length. I hope you had a lovely weekend! I have an adventure to share with you tomorrow. Goodnight friends xoxo

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