June 8, 2016

for the birds....

Today our sweet friends picked us up to have an adventure. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have these days together. We started at the bird sanctuary(one of my all time favourite spots) and ended our trip on a local farm, having a picnic in a beautiful covered gazebo as the girls played the day away. The best things in life sure don't cost much - time shared, laughing so hard that a little pee comes out, savouring coffee, walking through gorgeous parkland, spotting wildlife, and ending the day with ice cream. Seriously, pinch me. 

June 5, 2016

Living the dream

This weekend we went to visit my niece's gorgeous home in Mission. It was the most spectacular piece of property I have had the luck of exploring. I think she's pretty much going to have to live there forever because I can't imagine a more beautiful place to call home.

 The view from their front yard
 The view from the back yard (Yes, the mountain is also on their property).
 Papa, having a blast. 

 Their beautiful homestead.
Our daughter tossing sticks for one of three awesome dogs living on the property.
Watching her have so much fun adventuring around the property made me just keep thinking, this is how we are supposed to live - not sitting in traffic running around doing errands, but just enjoying everyone's company, playing in the great outdoors and ignoring the clocks.
Someone has to keep all those dogs in line.

Sweet cousins