August 31, 2010

Last day of August Break!

31 days of shooting. It was such a great creative challenge. I had such a blast looking through all of the August Break photos. There is definitely such an amazing range of talent out there. It was so fun to see the world through over 400 photographers' lenses. I totally pity respect anyone who takes on a 365 day shooting challenge. 31 days of shooting was enough of a commitment for now. I'm excited to see what September will bring. What's on your fall line-up?

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Thanks for the fun month!!

August 30, 2010

melt my heart

 I can't wait to be a mom one day. I look at these faces and I am truly lit from within. These characters are just that, true little characters with THE most hilarious and unique little personalities. The last photo is of my sweet nephew Jack on his third birthday, being held by his 99 year old great grandma (my grandma). This photo makes me cry everytime I look at. It means the world to her to have these moments.

August 26, 2010

aug 26th

This isn't a photo I'd usually post. I just didn't take the time to take many photos today. But to keep myself on track to taking a photo everyday this month for the August Break, I quickly snapped this before heading out to Kathy's shower. Bon Appetit!

Step right up folks! The PNE. Aug 25

We always have a blast hanging out with Alex & Alicia, but coupled with a night at the PNE? Hilarious.    I forgot how much cheesy fun can be found within the fairgrounds. Part of the adventure is always trying to find parking. After circling neighbourhood streets, we eventually caved and parked our car at someone's house a few blocks away. We were savvy though, some people actually wanted you to leave your keys with them, you know, in case they had to move your car. I'll file that under "I don't think so." 

We weren't even in the gates half an hour before Smiley's shirt was covered in big buttery grease stains from eating corn on the cob. He kept asking me throughout the evening, "can you still see the stains?" There was no way you couldn't see them. They had created a new pattern across the front of his shirt.  The food seems nostalgically the same: corndogs, cotton candy, snow cones, burgers, and of course, the best stand, that cannot be missed: Mini donuts! We made sure to snag a bag on the way in....and another for the road home, you know, just in case we needed emergency snacks.

This year the PNE has a lot of big names rolling through town to celebrate their 100th anniversary, with concerts included in your admission, like: Bryan Adams, The Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper...on our night it was Huey Lewis & The News. What I found so funny is that the Superdogs had a bigger venue than the bands- they performed at the Coliseum, complete with thumping music and neon lights. When the lights dimmed, I found myself cheering loudly, temporarily forgetting I was about to watch a dog show and wasn't at a concert. We also had a beer and caught an Eagles tribute band. They were actually really good.  It was entertaining to see their groupies forming front and center - bleach blondes who were screaming at them at the top of their longs, which made me wonder if they realized that these guys were a COVER band. 

The rides, the carnies, the games, the spectacle -the PNE is definitely a fun night out. And we actually made it out of the gates without purchasing a Sham-Wow.  Success.

For details on this year's PNE, click here

August 23, 2010

Aug 23

It is Monday. It felt like a Monday. A little meh, a little bleh. But all it took, to turn the beat around, was to go to Yoga. This was my pre-yoga snack - something light, a little effervescence,  to give me a boost. We partnered up in class, did some handstands, listened to amazing music, and tried, for the love of god, to find some flexibility. Lauren always picks themes for her class, tonight's was gratitude: gratitude for our bodies, gratitude that we're all there working out together, gratitude for what we have instead of looking for what we want. I was grateful my partner didn't drop me. Very grateful. We ended the class in the corpse pose, listening to hallelujah. Perfection. Who can feel bleh after that? Sore, maybe, but bleh? Forgettaboutit. 

August 22, 2010

Aug 22

It was one of those random days where we let the day guide us. We walked along Crescent Beach, went birthday shopping for Jack, scoped out Peace Arch Park for next weekend's wedding photo ops and savoured every ounce of sunshine. I love carefree days like these. The best part? Two for 1 gelato. HELLO! 
How do you like to spend a free day? 

Dogwood Park. Aug 21.

August 20, 2010

jack & sky

These two little beings light me up from within. As far as I'm concerned, my brother won the lottery. The addition of this little monkey and little bean are the best events to happen to our family. To know them, is to absolutely love them. I can't stop smiling just looking at these photos. Pure bliss. 

August 19, 2010

dinner with the ya-yas. aug 19.

Do you ever have one of those nights where your cheeks hurt from laughing so much? Me too, everytime I'm with this incredible group of women. How lucky am I?