June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

This little post is for my Dad. This old photo is from when I first arrived on the scene - or as I like to think of it as my winning lottery ticket. This was taken shortly after I was adopted. I love their genuinely happy smiles - they had endured such heartbreak on their path before we met, it's so wonderful to see their glowing happiness here. My dad is my go-to person. He's one of these guys that is able to do anything. He has THE best sense of humour, has a soul that runs deep, is very bright and is so genuinely sentimental and loving.
So many of my favourite traits within myself, I learned from my dad. His love of family, appreciation of friends, respect of animals, sense of humour, depth of music and film knowledge....he's definitely the person I turn to when I want solid, non-judgmental advice. He never fails to crack me up. I remember at Christmas, his hair was all sweaty &  askew, and my mom asked him if he was going to shower for dinner. He said, "maybe later, I'm very busy!" Next thing you know, he's outside feeding the squirrels some peanuts. These little quirks just make me love him more. When you are given up for adoption, you never know which path you'll wind up on. Happy Father's Day dad - I'm glad you picked me. xo

June 16, 2010

June 10, 2010