October 23, 2013


Whenever I hear the word Success, I know my definition is quite different from the mainstream usage. For myself, when I think of the term success, it's this: If you are married, are you and your partner happy? If you're a parent, are you giving your children the time and attention they deserve? If you're working, are you engaged in what you're doing?

The older I get, the more successful I am becoming, because I am listening to my heart and honing in on what is the most important. When you look back on your life, what do you want people to say about you? For myself, I knew that more then anything, I would regret if I wasn't a parent in my lifetime - so  when I was experiencing years of conception problems, I was prepared to fly across the world to adopt a baby to make sure that my life's biggest goal didn't go unanswered. And now that our daughter is here, I'm rich inside - everything else is gravy. The time I get to spend with her and my hubby is my life's greatest gift. Make sure you keep your heart's biggest goals at the forefront and don't get caught up chasing someone else's definition of success.

When I think of my friends, I think of their personalities, their uniqueness, their talents and the gifts they bring to my life. I don't think, oh this one is only a carpenter, but this one is a VP! There's nothing that I hate more than people who define the success of others through some kind of materialistic checklist. My friends are from all walks of life and I prefer it that way. I know a factory worker who gets love notes from his wife every week and their home is warm and welcoming. I also know of a talented artist at the top of his game, who never really has to worry about losing his job because he is so well known in his industry and would be picked up anywhere. Both are successful in my eyes.

When I look back on my life, I think I'll be successful if my husband considers me to be his best friend, if my daughter says I was a great mom to her, if my parents think of me as a thoughtful/helpful daughter, if my friends enjoyed having me at their side, if people described me as kind hearted & funny, if someone connected with something I wrote or a photo I took.
Re-examine your own definition of success and see if your life is on the right track, and keep course correcting until it is.

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