October 27, 2013

great expectations

This weekend I learned a lot about how we have to let go of our expectations and simply go with the flow. For example, while I was at work yesterday, I told my hubby that the cookie monster was going to be at our local mall in the morning, if he's looking for something to do with our daughter. Our little one LOVES the cookie monster, so it seemed like a natural fit. He said five minutes into it, she took one look at his low-budget costume with one particularly droopy eye and gave cookie a "#&*" this face and walked away. Instead she turned her attention to the indoor slide, which held her interest for 45 minutes as cookie monster droned on in the background. 

When I finished work, we walked around Steveston, which held a special afternoon for children, with each shop giving out candy to trick or treaters. We dressed her up for her first trick or treating experience (photos to come) because we thought it would be a sunny, non terrifying introduction to Halloween. She walked with purpose down the sidewalk, showing very little interest in the people trying to hand her candy (even though I was secretly hoping she'd load up her bag for our sakes). People were literally standing on the sidewalk, trying to throw chocolates in her bag, and she pretty much waved them off. (Cue my heartbreak).  Instead she wanted to go to the massive playground she saw lingering in the background. (But honey, your bag only has two pieces of chocolate in it. Aren't you going to give it the old college try for mommy's sake?) So once again I let go of my mental tally of how I thought it should go and let her play (in costume) to her heart's content on the playground. 

Today after work, I decided to load her up (and our hound) in the truck and take them to my favourite park. Sometimes it can be a lot to juggle them both on my own, but it was such a sunny and gorgeous afternoon, I was determined for us to run around. It went remarkably smoothly until it was time to go. Fast forward to me walking back to the parking lot, only to see what looks like a gang meeting taking place next to my truck. Okay, I'm not 100% sure they were a gang, but when you get a group of guido looking characters, all driving white tricked out Escalades, each accessorized with a pitbull, in a rural setting, it sure doesn't look like a a local birdwatching group. I gave them my cool, "What up" kind of nod, without making direct eye contact, so they wouldn't have to shoot me. As my dog tried to jump into the back of my truck, she miscalculated and fell down, spectacularly knocking my daughter to the ground, who proceeded to cry. (Okay honey, let's speed this up before the rival gang shows up for a sunny autumn takedown.) An older couple walking by asked me if they could help. (Who me? Aren't I the epitome of calm and collected?). "Yes please!" I over eagerly responded, followed quickly with a,  "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" They held my dog's leash while I consoled my daughter and loaded her up. I loved them in that moment. I seriously considered inviting them to Christmas dinner.  I also noted that the gang didn't offer me any assistance during my moments of chaos. Gangs these days hey?

I hope you had a great weekend without any expectations!! xo

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