October 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hello friends! What do you have on your weekend line up? In Canada, we're celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, and you know what that means, time to break out the stretchy pants! I probably should just buy some duct tape and stick the yams right on my thighs now, because we all know that's where they're headed. My friend said her family sits around before dinner and has to each say something they are thankful for. What are you thankful for?
I was going to be all serious and list off things like health, my family and friends (but those are ALWAYS on top of my list) so I thought it'd be more interesting to list off things you might not know I'm thankful for:

  • q-tips (my name is kelly and I am an addict), chocolate chips (I always intend to bake with them, but they never seem to make it...), funny people (I collect them as friends), hairdressers (those miracle workers who always give me the false hope that I'll be able to re-create what they've done), the interior of my car (because it allows me to sing like it's the concert of my life when I'm commuting), people who make Naan - (I will never make it from scratch, but am always more than happy to eat it), whoever made wearing buns popular right now (my low maintenance morning routine thanks you), animals (in all their fuzzy adorableness), the creaters of: iphone cameras, netflix, tim horton's coffee (you know who you are), free food samples (I will always line up - what is this you say, bread?), pedicurists ( or those artists who can turn my gnarled feet into something that won't scare the general public, some still look away), my passions (music, photography, dancing), artists ( for staying true to themselves in a world that challenges them to), gay people (for the same reason as artists), hot yoga (the only place I work out in micro shorts and a tank because it's either that or die of heat exhaustion), greek yogurt (it's not dessert, it has yogurt in the title!), showers with great water pressure (one of life's biggest treats), google (for inevitably answering every "riddle me this" question.....), school supplies, Makers Mark, a freshly made bed, Javier Bardem's parents (for their beautiful genetics), people.com (very important news site), hot springs, toques, a perfectly hot cup of tea, perfectly hot sex. 

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