October 2, 2013

gratitude day#13

It's not surprising that this is day 13, it felt like a #13 kind of day - rainy...nearly two hours stuck in traffic because some buddy, whilst rubbernecking at a film crew shooting a movie roadside, (who would have ever thought that would be distracting along a highway?) steered his car in the direction of his eyeballs, right into a ditch. But I digress - these posts are supposed to be about silver linings:

  • having an amazing conversation with someone full of those "AHA!" moments
  • buying a coffee and a trashy magazine - because sometimes you just need a good dose of crappola - my personal favourite is the magazine's candid photos of stars behaving "just like us" - Look! Katie Holmes is carrying her own groceries! And can it be? Gwyneth Paltrow pumps her own gas? Well would you look at that, they really are just. like. us.  Do you ever notice that you never see a photo of their bank statement in the "just like us" section?
  • Of course my favourite moment of the day is walking through the door (not superman style, actually opening the door first) - and hearing little legs sprinting towards me and tiny(yet powerful) arms thrown at full speed around my neck....the best.  

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