October 15, 2013

41 things for 41

Tomorrow I turn 41, so I wanted to make a little wish list of 41 things I want to accomplish this year - some big, some tiny, but all of importance to me.

Before I begin this little list - I want to give thanks to all of the people who have made my 41 years on this lovely planet of ours so wonderful - I was actually going to list everyone by name, but then I had this terrible fear that there'd be one important person who I accidentally left off the list because I am that absent minded. Over the years we are shaped by the amazing people we meet and I honestly believe that some people, for some unexplainable reason,  you never really click with no matter how many times you interact, then others can come into your life, and as soon as you start talking, you feel like you've known them forever - they make you feel like you're home.
So to all my forever friends, I love you for who you are, and all that you bring to my life. And to Craig & Stella, as long as I'm with you, I feel happiness and peace within my soul.

41 things for 41: (the order is as random as my thoughts)

  1. travel to a place I've never been to before in BC
  2. do a family photo shoot with a pro
  3. treat myself to a new camera lens
  4. lose 15 pounds
  5. read 12 books
  6. do (at least) 12 random acts of kindness
  7. volunteer with the SPCA
  8. bathroom reno (see results here )
  9. make funny christmas cards
  10. stanley park christmas train  (see photos here)
  11. van dusen gardens christmas lights
  12. get a mammogram
  13. paint a picture for our kitchen
  14. have dinner parties mixing and matching different friends
  15. take another photography class
  16. write a funny screenplay with smiley
  17. enter a team race with friends
  18. find an amazing pair of jeans
  19. make Stella a birthday cake from scratch
  20. take our parents somewhere overnight
  21. have something published in a newspaper or in the Huffington Post
  22. donate to the food bank
  23. do a 365 photo project for 2014
  24. enter a writing contest
  25. enter a photo contest
  26. run half marathon distance again
  27. take stella tobogganing
  28. wine tasting trip with friends
  29. get a tattoo
  30. spend the night at a hotel in the city and have a big drunken night out with friends
  31. take a big trip
  32. go to an outdoor concert
  33. throw my parent's an awesome 50th anniversary bash
  34. take another class with stella
  35. pack lunches to work for a month
  36. go on a cruise
  37. plant bulbs for a pretty spring garden
  38. throw a themed dinner party (French, Indian, Italian, etc)
  39. sell something I create 
  40. go camping with friends
  41. go on a spending diet for a month

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Anonymous said...

Wow, would never have guessed you're 41. Stunning!! :)