March 11, 2014

what's your definition of a great day?

Before turning in to go to bed, I realized that today was my version of a really successful day. I was able to take my daughter to her last gymnastics class of the term, have coffee with a great friend, fill up our bags with new books to devour, finish off some projects, have a wonderful visit over tea with my folks, played in the forest with my family and went for a energizing run. It felt balanced and I felt happy all day. Ever since receiving "the news" about a month ago of my mom's diagnosis, I'm aware, more than I have ever been, that this life has to be savoured one day at a time. Celebrate all of your small victories because at the end of the day, you will see that they add up to a pretty extraordinary continuum. I think so often we think that it's the giant moments; the skydiving, the mountain climbing,  or swimming with sharks, bucket list sized moments that are noteworthy, but we have to take note of the beauty in our everyday life too. Appreciate each day. I hope you found successes in yours.

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