March 29, 2014


Somehow in this life, I have collected this legion of women who never cease to amaze me with their support and thoughtfulness. This whole situation with my mom's cancer is without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest thing I've tackled in my life, because of depth of love I hold in my heart for her. And yet, I feel like I'm stronger than I ever imagined I'd be through this. This strength comes from knowing that I want my mom to completely understand that I'm here to hold her up, to support her, to let her lean on me, every step in this. But I also know my strength is from my hubby, daughter and this group of women, who keep showing up for me, and showing their support in a variety of ways, through food, through emails, through texts, through phone calls, through visiting my mom, through all of these beautiful gestures that combined are holding me up. It's a cycle isn't it? They hold me up, so I can hold my mom up. It's a beautiful chain reaction.
I had a wonderful night out Friday catching up with some great women from work, only to come home and find this lovely gift waiting for me from my friend Tammy. It was her card's words, that she's with me every step of the way that really hit home, because I feel that. I feel that I'm not alone in this. Her support throughout this has been so tangible, so tremendous, that I truly can't thank her enough. Life is so fragile and so fast, but it is also remarkably beautiful.
xoxo (Friday's 365)

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