March 23, 2014

these people I know......

Hello Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I always knew that I had an extraordinary group of people in my life, but when the chips are down, they truly blow my mind with their acts of kindness. My friend Lynny gave my mom and I each a beautiful bracelet adorned with our first initials, linking us with positive energy.  A gesture that had my mom and I in tears.
Then I arrived home from grocery shopping on Saturday, to find a beautiful bag containing this plant and a gift certificate for a family dinner out from my extremely thoughtful friend Tricia.The card attached said "I will volunteer to hug you until you feel better." Amazing.
While out for drinks Friday night with some girlfriends, I told them that I was having approx. 20 people over for a family dinner on Sunday to rally around Mom. Upon hearing this, my friend Tammy told me she'd drop off two lasagnas. She went to her job all day, came home and then whipped up this delicious feast for my family. Unbelievable.

And as if making a feast wasn't enough hard work, Tammy also brought over a flat of her delicious baking. Needless to say, I was touched beyond words. This act of hers, took so much off my plate, that I was able to spend my time putting together a crate of food recommended by the cancer agency for my mom's chemo treatments. 

My hubby took my little girl to the park while I got our house ready for company. He has been the best partner through this whole process - helping me wherever needed and having big shoulders to lean on.
I loved getting everything ready for our family. Do you enjoy entertaining? I seriously love it - meal planning, setting up the house, getting music playlists together, all the little details.

When the kids were outside playing, the adults snuck in a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. None of them had played before. It was a huge hit. I'm so glad my family has such a dirty/warped sense of humour because we were laughing our asses off.  It felt so great to have the sun shining in on us all afternoon and hearing the big waves of laughter resonating through the house. My mom hugged me at the end and said it was really fun for her, which meant everything to me.

365 photos for fri/sat/sun

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