March 7, 2014

Orange is the new black....

Happy Friday friends! What's on your line up this weekend? We just had a delicious dinner with my folks and are getting into our cozy clothes to watch this flick.  Have you seen it? I can't wait to see such an amazing cast together. I love how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler refer to the film as "the explosion at the wig factory." 
Putting away my clothes tonight, I realized more than ever, that I have a lot of orange in my wardrobe. I took a look at this site  and was fascinated to read that orange is a colour of healing - which makes a lot of sense right now. Also interesting was how it is described as those with a gentle, creative spirit who could use more self esteem. Hello spot on. What's your colour?
 I'll touch base more on the weekend, but wanted to wish you a fun night and sweet dreams. xo

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