March 8, 2014

the circle of support...

Today my aunt, cousin, daughter and I had a wonderful afternoon with my mom sharing laughs and delicious food (my favourite combination). While we were there, one of my mom's neighbours from our old neighbourhood called because she had heard of my mom's diagnosis and wanted to come to visit this week. Yesterday when I saw my mom, another new neighbour was over, offering to help out in any way she can (offering drives to the cancer clinic, etc) because she had gone through the gamut herself and wants to be there for my mom every step of the way. Since finding out exactly month ago about her cancer diagnosis, I've seen the very best in people. There really is something so amazing about these connections we create throughout our lives, because I'm seeing them show up time and time again to be by my mom's side, when she needs support the most. Her friends are showing up daily with food, picking up whatever she needs, a group of her friends even cleaned her home from top to bottom before she got home from the hospital. I really believe that because my mom is such a caring and thoughtful person, she has drawn like minded people to her throughout her life, and now they are showing up in droves. 

As we grow older, hearing the worst of how humans treat each other day in day out on the news, I was definitely growing more cynical.  But going through this experience with my family, I'm reminded every time I talk to my mom, and hear yet another story of someone doing something so special for her, that people are truly remarkable. It honestly is what gives me the most strength through this process, is knowing that she has this giant team of people, rallying with her, all sharing the same goal, to take care of all the little daily things, so that she can save her energy for the big fight. xoxo

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