April 6, 2013

the joy of food

The view from above....
And the view below....my canine vacuum patiently waiting

Last night we had friends over for fish tacos...click here for the recipe
Tonight I'm meeting up with my crew of girls affectionately known as the bitches for some delicious Italian cuisine. As an adult, my favourite gatherings seem to revolve around food - whether it's a nice dinner out, cooking in with family/friends with a glass of wine in hand, or meeting up with the yayas and watching our gourmet chefs work their magic. I love the weekends because they allow us to dedicate the time, love and attention that food whole heartedly deserves: the meal planning, the shopping for fresh ingredients, and savouring the process of preparing and cooking. When I think of the ultimate dining experience, it would be to whisk my loved ones to Italy, France or Spain and spend our evenings like the photo below. Bon Appetit friends! xo
*image from indoorcyclingassociation.com

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