April 8, 2013


Someone asked me an interesting question the other day: If you took your current circle of friends (who are probably made up of people you've known from high school, university, work, sports, hobbies, via your kids, etc.) - if you met them all today, would you still be friends with each of them? So many of us have nostalgic memories of our friends, shared stories and adventures, but do we still have things in common today?

If history wasn't part of the equation, would you still have the same friendship circle?

It's a tricky question because we have such a deep sentimental love for our friends and they've played such a pivotal role in shaping our lives, but what makes some friendships stand the test of time, while others slowly fade away?

Anyways, toss those thoughts around your noggins, I'm hitting my big pillow! xo goodnight loves.

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