April 4, 2013


A few days ago I wrote this post about cultivating happiness, and one of the biggest contributors is tracking your gratitude daily. Keep a little notepad by your bedside and just think of three things that you are grateful for in your day. Soon you'll see it's easy to list more and more each day because you'll pay attention to the smallest details of your day that bring you joy.

Here's a few of mine from the day.....
Watching these three little friends play this afternoon.
Spending my morning playing with my favourite little gal
My friend returned my container, and filled it with her homemade chocolate chip cookies.
She also surprised me with a Starbucks latte. How amazeballs is she?

Here are a few other things that made my list today:
My hubby putting the little one to bed, giving me time to go out
My friend sending me an awesome video of her sister's wedding in Costa Rica
Planning a dinner for friends tomorrow
Buying a new vegan purse (it's made out of recycled materials, not from real vegans)

What would have made your list today?
Goodnight friends xo

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