April 2, 2013

stay tuned for the next episode of the bachelorette duck!

So, lesson learned. Do not wear flip flops when walking the dog.
I took the little one and the pooch for what I thought would be a lovely evening stroll. As we neared the duck pond, I, in the very clever apparel choice of flip flops, couldn't get a strong enough grip to avoid being dragged into the pond by my aforementioned dog and had to surrender the leash. She leapt in, quite spectacularly might I add, to a rousing crowd of ducks quacking at full pitch what can only be loosely interpreted as, "get the eff out of here, we've got a swimmer!" I proceeded to continue my walk, pushing the stroller and walking my dripping mutt to the playground, trying to look as if nothing was wrong with this image. I tied my dog to the fencepost to let her dry off on the grass while the little one burned off some energy running around the playground. Cue scene with man walking two extremely cantankerous beagles who spot my soggy dog and go batshit crazy, yapping their heads off. My dog proceeds to lunge with such vigour that she snaps her leash and runs at top speed after them. "Are you barking at me!?! You dare to bark at me?!!!" So, here I stand, in my utterly useless footwear, daughter in baby swing, as dog races away. My first thought is, "So this is totally awesome." Thankfully a kind grandmother and grandaughter at the playground stood with Stella as I raced after my hound, flip flops smacking away, punctuating each step I take, as if with a loud exclamation mark.
 Click! Clack! Click! Clack!
Relaxation is soooo overrated. xo


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