June 10, 2014

one day at a time.....

 With everything going on with my mom, I'm taking this year one beautiful day at a time. I honestly think this 365 photo project has been so incredibly helpful for keeping me in the moment, and totally connected to all the things that bring my heart so much joy and fulfillment. I am also a big proponent of gratitude because I think too many people place their happiness in the future....when I lose 20 lbs, when I land my dream job, when I meet Mr. X, when I take that vacation....but we have this very moment to savour. Here's a few simple photos from my day that made my heart soar:

Waking up to these beautiful peonies that I got at the farmer's market, that transformed overnight into gorgeous fat fragrant blooms. 
Trying a new free drop in class with my little love and watching her have a total blast.
Making cookies to surprise our friends with my favourite sous chef. (although she is a HUGE proponent of sampling).
Sharing the love with our friends. 
Have a great night. Take stock of your day before you turn out the light. xo

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