June 8, 2014

365 catch up....

Sunday, June 9: a morning stroll through our local farmer's market. 
Saturday, June 8: We brought dinner over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Mom's good news this week. Stella loves playing in their garden and was crying when it was time to leave it. I guess she has a "thing" for looking at flowers/beautiful landscaping instead of our "work in progress." Whatever. 
Friday, June 6: When she's playing on the deck, and I have time to do this - it's bliss! As you can see, my friend Tricia keeps me well stocked in her old mags. It's one of my favourite guilty pleasures!
Thursday, June 5: This was a big one. On this day, we were finding out the results of mom's latest CT scan. I felt sick all day at work thinking about it. A few months earlier, when Mom was first diagnosed, I bought her and I these heart shaped stones with Hope written on them. Unfortunately, as time passed, I misplaced my rock. Then last week, Stella found it by the road, in a pile of stones. It must have fallen out of my car. It was scratched up, but I was overjoyed that she found it. I put it in my pocket and squeezed it in my hand whenever I could. When I finished work, I mustered up the courage to call Mom and Dad for the results and was thrilled to discover the cancer hasn't spread and that the chemo had kept the tumours stable. Tears of joy slid down my cheeks. This felt like a massive victory. 
Wednesday, June 4: sprinkler fun

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