June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Hello friends! Whether you are celebrating the man in your life, who is so straight up amazing at sharing this parenthood adventure with you, or if you are lucky enough to still have your own father in your life to celebrate, let's give these dads props for all the hard work they do. Was your Dad the disciplinarian in the family or a big softie? My Dad was always the more easy going one in our family. I remember if my brother and I ever wanted to do anything, like go to a party, or stay out late, we'd say, "oh hi there Mom, say, have you seen Dad around by chance?" Even though my Dad and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things, some of my favourite qualities in myself are easily attributed to him - his sense of humour and his love and respect for nature/animals. One of the sweetest things I remember about my Dad is when he showed up for one of my dance recitals. My mom couldn't make it and I'm pretty sure Jazz dance wasn't my father's forte, but he showed up on his own and brought me flowers. It meant a tonne to me. There's a complexity to my Dad that I appreciate - his ability to be a huge advocate for people's rights, and yet he's extremely conservative politically, but he's also a nature loving atheist who weeps over the death of pets. We love to call him Mr. Busy, because he's one of those guys who always has a huge list and gets stressed out by all of the items on his list, waving the list furiously in the air while he loudly proclaims, "there's never enough time in the day!!" But the list is often an assortment of non-pressing items, for example, one of my favourite lists contained such gems as: sort out nuts and bolts in the garage; feed squirrels. I'm pretty sure the squirrels would be touched they made his list, but I also know the squirrels don't want him to have a heart attack stressing about it. But I can't say enough about how incredible Dad's been helping my mom through this challenging diagnosis, taking care of their home, garden, meals, running her to appointments, and Mom told me he falls asleep every night by her side, holding her hand. I'm giving my dad the gift of exercise as a positive stress outlet for all that he is shouldering right now. I hope you're able to do something great for your Dad this weekend! xoxo 

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