June 15, 2014

date night

Hello friends! Did you have a fun weekend? It had almost been over four months since we had a date night, and when my mother in law kindly offered to watch our little gal for an overnighter, we leapt at the chance. We may have said yes before she finished the question. We scoured the internet for local events for the coming weekend and came across this fun listing: CBC Music Festival at Deer Lake Park. We booked our tickets and grabbed a hotel room close by. Do you like staying at hotels? I think I love the hotel experience because I've never been much of a germaphobe (although I did handwash all the mugs and glasses in the room first - trust me, you will want to do that.). I think I love hotels because I can completely relax - ie - I don't look around at any housework/projects that need doing. It also means that my senior citizen pets aren't waking us up 2-3 times a night to go outside. It was bliss I tell you, bliss!!!

We dropped off the munchkin at the in-laws and checked into our room (they upgraded us for free to a suite. Sweet!) We poured some delicious cocktails and got ready for our show. 
I'm sure when a golfer steps onto a course or a hockey player skates onto the ice, they get that same feeling I do when I walk into a music festival. It feels like home. 
No outside food was allowed in, so we got some food truck burritos and brews - perfect concert grub. 
I ran up to the front when Dan Mangan started his set - he is my giant folk music crush. Spoon also put on a tight set - twenty years together, it's not surprising that they are amazing live. Fun Fact, I just read that Spoon's singer, John Britt Daniel, is also the singer/bass player for Divine Fits, another great band.
We were fortunate enough for the weather to hold off most of the time we were there, but after Spoon, it started pouring. We tried to wait it out under a tree, but unfortunately, we didn't make it for the final performance: Tegan & Sara
Honestly, I can't recommend the overnight date enough if you can swing it. We stayed up late, watched this sweet little flick, slept in(YES!!!!) and had a delicious breakie in the hotel. We felt totally rejuvenated and pumped to be reunited with our little gal. 

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