June 18, 2014

Krause Berry Farms

Have you been to Krause Berry Farms in Langley? It's definitely a great place to take the kids - animals to pet, wagon rides, berries to pick (or you can just purchase them in the adorable store that is loaded with amazing food & gifts). There's also a winery on site if you prefer your fruit fermented. I sure have a lot of respect for my mom after taking my daughter berry picking. It takes a looonnng time to get a decent amount of fruit in that ol basket, and I remember my mom filling up buckets full. She must have had a lot of patience or some mad picking skills. But the berries are delicious - they taste like real strawberries - not the kind at the grocery store that's shipped from California. And they serve up waffles on site topped with heaps of berries and whipped cream. Heaps I tell you! It's definitely worth stopping in.

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