May 3, 2014

365 catch up....

Friday, May 2. Because when you have three girls together, you have to do the Charlie's Angels pose. It's a fact. This was a fun night of ambushing our friend Tricia to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Love these girls.

Thursday, May 1. The most beautiful day of the year and she wanted to play in the truck. Needless to say, when I left for work the next morning, my radio was blasting, the wipers were on high speed, and it was locked in four wheel drive. 
Wednesday, Apr. 30th - the transmission lines i've come to know so well
Tuesday, Apr. 29 - getting home from work early to play in the garden. Bliss. 
Monday, Apr. 28 - playing at the park. Having children is the best excuse to be a kid again.

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