April 27, 2014

getting organized.....

Hi friends, how organized are you when it comes to your food? Tonight, while cleaning out the fridge, and tossing away food that's gone bad, (maybe the expression is gone off? Gone bad sounds like it's holding other food hostage....) I was tired of the waste and thought it's definitely time to get a meal plan going. I leafed through my cookbooks and came up with meals for the next four days to see if I notice a difference in the money spent/food wasted. I'm also going to pack meals to work to see if I notice much of a difference in savings. Do you meal plan? Do you find it leads to less waste from your fridge? Do you pack your lunches? Do you eat out a lot? As an aside, while getting groceries with my new "I'm going to be so organized!" shopping list in hand, I noticed a few things tonight: For starters, I forgot my cloth bags, and nothing makes you feel more like a douche than pushing a cart overflowing with plastic bags past people shaking their heads at me wearing their "keep calm and recycle on" or "leave nothing but footprints" t-shirts.....Also, have you noticed at checkouts how most stores ask you if you want to donate an extra dollar to (insert any important disease name here) ? I can't help but always say yes. They've got me with $1.  It's brilliant. I mean, I'd feel pretty bold saying, "$1 for the fight against cancer?" No effing way! I'd rather buy a Kit Kat!  "$1 to help fund MS research you say? "Not my $1 thank you very much!" "$1 to help send sick kids to Disneyland?" "Hey, no one is catching a free ride on my 10 dimes!" I cave every. single. time. 
But back to being organized. If you're already rocking the food organization, or if it simply does not interest you than why don't you join me this month in trying to form a new habit that will help make your life easier/better? I'm also ramping up my fitness as part of a new habit because I want to be as healthy as possible, to be more energized/get an endorphin high, to bust some big life stresses and to be around as long as I can for my little bub. Click here for a good, quick read on how to make a new habit stick. At the end of May, I'll check in with a progress report. (Don't expect pie charts and bar graphs or you'll be very, very disappointed.) Good luck with your new endeavour! xo

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