May 19, 2014

weekend round up.

Hello Friends! I hope you all have had an amazing week! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been a busy one where I've been wanting to be completely "in the moment" with family and friends.
Here's a few random images from the weekend. I'll write more tomorrow. xoxo
It's Friday night! We're all pretty sophisticated over here.
The backstory is that she is a leopard who has just escaped from the zoo, and is presently starting up her getaway car before the zookeeper gets her. It's quite action packed. I think she has forgotten that her breed is quite adept at running quickly.....
In eager anticipation of her friend's arrival at the park. 
One of his special skills is being able to wash the car in record time for $2. It's quite impressive. Wax on wax off Craig.
I used to run in 5 km loops around our neighbourhood. But now, we've come up with a new game plan: my hubby drives in the straightest possible route, exactly 5 km from our house, and drops me off. It feels like a more exciting goal for some reason, because there is no way I can take any shortcuts if I get tired. I have to push myself to get home. 
Not to offend any wal-marters, wal-martians? But I really do loathe the Wal-mart experience. I had to go there because they had a good deal on diapers. And sometimes, when you need diapers, milk, a sun hat and gardening supplies, and you've got a toddler in tow, and don't feel like hitting up a bunch of shops (because just the act of loading and unloading the aforementioned toddler can do your head in) end up at Wal-mart. And I swear to god, whenever I am in that store, there is always someone screaming at the top of their lungs into their cellphone about extremely personal business, like a missing child support payment in their bank account. And as luck would have it today, I chose, what teased me to be the shortest check out line, only to have the person in front of me doing the "well, that's not the price that was posted above this chair......" song and dance with the checkout clerk....and then lo and behold, 15 minutes later they've returned from the depths of the store, realizing that they had grabbed the wrong item, and that the price, as bob barker would say, is right after all. Meanwhile, as my toddler is melting down, and justifiably so....I texted my husband to say, "I'm in hell." (Which he knows instantly to interpret as Walmart.) And he texted back, "that place sucks a bag of dicks." Which, I know is a Louis CK expression, but it made me laugh out loud in the line up because it was so completely applicable.
(Even loading up the car, I glanced over at a family in the parking lot: dad was loading the truck, toddler was running around like a maniac, mom was trying to gather up the toddler to prevent his inevitable demise in a walmart parking lot, and the whole family drove away without realizing mom's purse and half their groceries were still in the cart. A walmart attendant gathered the belongings without missing a beat, as if this kind of thing happens all the time. That's what this place does to a person.)

And this is just an iphone pic that I am posting just because I love this little mop top. xo

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