May 23, 2014

pop goes the world

We were playing with bubbles in the garden because hey, it's Friday night after all, time to break out the bubbly! This one reminded me of Earth.
Maybe it's the anticipation of Summer, but there's something brewing in me that's ready for another adventure. We watched a beautifully filmed documentary called Mile Mile & A Half about a group of artists who hike through Yosemite National Park on the John Muir Trail. Their hike was 25 days long. I'd love to gather up some of our favourite outdoorsy friends for an adventure like this - maybe not 25 days long, since we all have young children - but to take on an adventure of this capacity, with tangible goals, feats of endurance, and the natural rugged beauty of the great outdoors to photograph along the way would be truly amazing. I really love the level of planning and physical training that a trip of this magnitude would entail. I know that hiking and camping aren't for everyone, there's definitely a clear division of people we know who would love it and those who would laugh in our faces at the mere suggestion. Camping you say? Why, have all the hotels burned down?
When I think of our favourite adventures, whether it was camping in the Serengeti or doing belly crawls through caves, it was always us, testing ourselves, in the great outdoors. There's something that connects deeply to my soul when I'm in beautiful vistas, it's both breathtaking and humbling all at once, reminding us of the bigger picture that we're a part of. What's something that you want to cross off your bucket list this Summer?

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