April 18, 2014

my happy place....

Happy Easter weekend friends! What have you got on your line up? Today was one of those great days from start to finish: we took our little gal to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, had tea in the garden with mom, and friends had an impromptu bbq on their beautiful, sun soaked deck. 

Last night, over dinner, a friend mentioned that she had followed the book "The Artist's Way", by Julie Cameron. And in the book, it suggests you take yourself out on a date, to gather inspiration. What would you do if you took yourself out? Where do feel most inspired? For some people, it's the art of eating or creating a beautiful meal, or it's getting absorbed in an engaging movie, or live theatre. It might be a run along the seawall, a stroll through a local gallery, a sports event, a concert, a road trip to somewhere you've never been.... Why don't you treat yourself to a moment that completely connects to your soul. Honestly, for me, it would be to grab my camera and head to a place as beautiful as the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, full of gorgeous pathways, sprawling open vistas, wildlife everywhere and the chance to get lots of exercise in the great outdoors. Nothing rejuvenates my spirit more effectively.  
Why don't you give it a whirl? Pick a date on your calendar, and start planning a fun date, just for yourself. Turn off your phone, and fully immerse yourself in your own company. We spend so much time focussing on everyone else's needs, why not plan a little romance, just for ourselves? Happy planning! xoxo

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