April 13, 2014

365 catch up....

Thursday, Apr. 10: a few of my favourite things lately: our new birdfeeder - located right by our living room window, we all enjoy watching these little chickadees gather. My other favourite purchase: I'm obsessed with mason jars and green juice, both individually and together. This concoction I threw together is: 4 stalks of celery, 5 leaves of kale, one granny smith apple, one lemon and half a cucumber. It is completely addicting.

Friday, Apr. 11th: This was a great day. After work, we took dinner over to Mom & Dad and were thrilled to see Mom gobble up all of her food. It's such a wonderful thing to see her appetite returning after some challenging post chemo days. We all sat in the garden and I taught my little gal how to hit the baseball. It was heartwarming to see mom out of bed and regaining her strength. After a great visit with my folks,  the hubs met some buddies at the pub and the girls came over for some catching up. The more people I talk to, the more often I'm struck at how many people are going through Big, life altering changes this year. 2014 is one of enormous challenges. Everyone is leaning on one another. While it has been the most difficult year so far, it's also been the most beautiful. My perspective is razor sharp, I'm finding strength that I never knew I possessed, and I've seen the most beauty that I've ever witnessed in people. The outpouring of support and kindness is beyond anything I've ever seen. I feel like my mom has such a fighting chance with so many people in her corner. She has spent her entire life caring for others, and it's beautiful to see everyone repaying her the favour.
Saturday, Apr. 12: A day in the city. I worked during the day and had roughly three hours to myself before meeting up with the girls for dinner. It's amazing how foreign it felt to have so much time for myself. I was cursing that I didn't bring my running gear because it was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon in Vancouver.  I hit the bookstore, walked up and down Robson Street, bought my daughter some surprises for Easter, sat in the sun people watching whilst sipping delicious green juice, grabbed a veggie dog from a street vendor, bought some sunglasses for $10 (pretty sure they aren't optometrist approved). It all felt so indulgent to have so much free time, and yet oh, so rejuvenating. I met up with the girls for dinner, we hit the Flying Pig, just in time for their happy hour.  We shared some delicious appies and had a great catch up session. It's amazing how much time can pass between visits with everyone living in different cities, but I still feel like we don't miss a beat when we're back together. It's a wonderful dynamic.
Sunday, Apr. 13: Today was an absolute stunner. It felt like a beautiful summer day. After work, I was so excited to play in the sun that I raced home (well, I didn't think I was racing home, but apparently the police did). We ate our dinner on the deck for the first time this year, and I felt really amped for everything sunshine related: farmer's markets, camping, outdoor concerts, beaches, swimming, patio time, gardening, travelling - I just felt the excitement in my belly today. Have you started planning your summer fun? 

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