August 13, 2013

Pender Island

Here are some images from our little getaway to Pender Island this past weekend. I took the little one over to meet up with friends who are staying there for the week. It warmed my heart to see her so excited to run around all day with her friends. And when I say it warmed my heart, I mean emotionally, watching her squeal with laughter, and I mean it warmed my heart physically, as I ran after aforementioned delighted child all weekend.
But there are these little moments - when the kids would excitedly peek in our room in the morning to see if Stella was awake (and politely not shriek in horror when they saw my morning face), when they'd ask me if they could take turns holding her hands, when they would try their hardest to teach her how to dance gangnam style, watching them paint together, skip rocks in the ocean, just all the great moments of being a kid. 
It was also a big confidence boost to travel solo with her, navigating all of the ferry schedules and "teachable moments" myself. It definitely made me live in awe of single moms. The simplest things, like going to the bathroom on the ship with her in tow, or trying to carry a tray of food in the cafeteria with one hand while holding her with the other - I really appreciated all that my hubby and do as a team that I take for granted. (Especially how he often lets me sleep in Saturday mornings - holy did I ever miss that!).
I hope you had an amazing weekend. Having a child really does help you look at the world with awe and excitement - and Pender Island is the perfect place to feed your sense of wonder. 

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