August 9, 2013

have a relaxing weekend!!

What are your plans for the weekend? We've got separate plans - the hubs has a boys weekend and I'm taking the little one on a road trip. I'm excited to see how our adventure unfolds. I just finished packing my singular travel bag to her three bags, stroller, portable crib, linen and food. Sweet Jesus these little ones are divas in the making. I'm pretty sure at some point she'll scold me for choosing the absolute worst selection of toys.

If I was staying in this weekend, I'd definitely check out this film that was just released on our pay per view: the place beyond the pines - because 1) ryan gosling and 2) bradley cooper. I'm sorry, what?
At 82% on rotten tomatoes, I'm sure it's good, and even if it isn't, see points 1 & 2.

Have you seen the trailer for this upcoming Robert Redford film ? It looks riveting.

Have you seen this series? I swear to god, I'd love to spend my days going for coffee with comedians.

We're hooked on this series on Netflix - I highly recommend it.

Have an amazing weekend! Chat soon. xo

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