August 3, 2013

have a delicious weekend!

Hello friends! What are you up to for your weekend? We took little miss out for a family dinner date (hint, there may have been a pirate pack adrift on our table). We're also planning to catch our town's sea festival and hook up with friends for a big group outing at the Nat.

We caught this wonderfully creative and quirky film tonight on Netflix: Ruby Sparks.
I get so inspired when I see a film that is full of such originality.
It's the story of a once successful writer (Calvin) who is struggling to find his voice again. When he starts penning his next project, he comes to the startling realization that the character he is creating (Ruby Sparks) has transformed into a real person living in his home. Fun fact: the film was written by Zoe Kazan (who stars as Ruby) opposite her real life boyfriend Paul Dano.

After seeing this film I realize that my ultimate dream job would be to write a wonderfully creative screenplay such as this.
What would your dream job be?

Here's a sneak preview:

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