January 26, 2013

walking in a winter wonderland

Care and I got an early start and headed up to Seymour Mountain. It was clouded in, so we didn't get to experience the jaw droppingly beautiful view from the top, but we still had a great workout in the fresh air with tiny snowflakes lightly falling around us. It was gorgeous. The beauty of having your own snowshoes is that you can just head up Dog Mountain, which is a free trail. You don't have to wait in any line ups for rentals or trail tickets. That being said, I borrowed my hubby's snowshoes, which are more designed for heavy duty mountaineering, and are so big, it looked like I had a snowboard strapped to each foot. A few people commented on their way by, "Wow, I haven't seen ones that big!" Hey hon, check out her boards!" Yes, they are so big, people referred to them as boards, not shoes. I only wish Care's photo of me captured my footwear to show you just how giant they were in comparison to hers. Starting your day with a great workout in this province's amazing landscape always reminds me how lucky I am to live here.

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