January 12, 2013

date night

We saw Silver Linings Playbook. Have you seen it? It's the first movie we've seen in over a year at an actual theatre. I loved it. Bradley Cooper plays Pat Solitano, who returns home after spending eight months in a state institution, to live with his parents (Robert De Niro/Jacki Weaver). Through mutual friends, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a woman battling her own problems since the death of her husband. Together Tiffany and Pat strike up a friendship, where Pat agrees to help Tiffany with her dance competition, if she'll help him reconnect with his estranged wife (who has a restraining order against him). Cooper, Lawrence and De Niro were all nominated for the coveted oscar, and the film, director and writing team all picked up nominations too. It was very funny, deeply moving and the chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence was palpable. I loved Jennifer Lawrence ever since A Winter's Bone and in Silver Linings she gives such an honest and gritty portrayal of a woman who is unapologetic in her unravelling. Cooper absolutely shines as bi-polar Pat, an unflappable optimist trying to repair the damaged life he left behind. Yep, I swooned.

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