January 20, 2013

i heart organizing

In this month's Redbook magazine, they had a great section on organizing. Here were some of my favourite tips that I wanted to share:
When you're storing a linen set, put everything into one pillowcase to keep the set together.

 Use a cleaning carry-all to store kids books, toys, snacks and cups for convenient car travel.
Use a plastic door hanging shoe rack, to compartmentalize tape, batteries, rubber bands, a dog leash, umbrella, basically clean out your junk drawer.
Buy shower curtain hooks and place them on a hanger. Store your scarves so they are easy to see. 
Keep a laundry basket in the trunk of your car. When you get groceries, simply place them in the laundry basket to save them from tipping over and it makes them easy to carry inside.
Arrange items in drawers horizontally so they are easy to see.
Happy Organizing!

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