January 16, 2013

guilty pleasures

The little one is asleep. The hubby is out with friends. New magazines and a glass of wine seem like the perfect way to cap off this little slice of free time. What's your guilty pleasure if you have a moment to yourself? I'm looking through the magazines to collect words and images for a vision board for this year's goals/dreams. I just tape it to my closet wall so that I get to look at it daily and keep my dreams in focus. I did one a few years ago to try and will the universe into granting me a baby. I know it sounds a little hokey, hence why I tape it in my closet. This year my focus is on quality time with loved ones, health, adventure/travel and intellectual pursuits (I know, Glamour magazine seems like the perfect place for such brainy endeavours). What would you put on your board?

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