January 17, 2013

if you could buy a second home....

If you could afford to buy a second home, what would appeal to you the most? A cottage on a nearby lake so that you can easily get there on any given weekend? A cabin in the mountains so you can hike and ski? A condo in a destination city like London, Paris or New York? A beachfront home in Hawaii or California? A desert condo backing onto a golf course? Do you like the idea of a second home, a place to kick back, full of your own things? Or, do you find the idea of frequently vacationing in the same place too limiting?

Growing up, we had a cabin at Mt. Baker. It was only a 90 minute drive from home, so we'd often spend weekends there, skiing, hiking, swimming, playing tennis and pickleball. In the summer we'd go for weeks at a time. We shared it with two other families to make it more affordable and divided up the weekends. Often, all the families would go at once, playing in the fresh mountain air from dawn until dusk. For the entire 20+ years we owned the cabin, we never had a tv. We never missed it either. The entire upper floor was just an open loft and everyone would sleep side by side on foam mattresses in sleeping bags. Sometimes there were 10-15 people there, snoring in various intervals. As an adult, looking back, I often wonder how we did it, but as a kid, you didn't care. When we were older, it became an amazing place to go with friends and party the night away and crash over. There are so many albums like The Beatles Abbey Road, The Eagles Hotel California, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, that when I hear them, I am instantly taken back to those cabin walls. 

When you vacation with your family, do you prefer to experience new sights together? Or do you like the idea of having a home away from home?

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