June 4, 2012


Chillin' time after a tough day of strolling. 
Beakin' off in Beacon Hill Park
Dressy casual
one of those 'where are they now?' moments
Not quite like the chalk art I used to create
Royal BC Museum
Bastion Square Grand Prix - I wish I could say I participated, but I was more of a supporter
The Elite men racing in the grand prix -the speed was incredible
Early morning Inner Harbour stroll
oh HI!

oh Hi there friends! We're quite new at the whole travelling-with-a-baby gig, so we've taken a few little weekend jaunts to easy, walkable cities. This past weekend we went to Victoria. Gone are the days of riding mopeds, dining on fine French food and hoisting Belgian beers at the pub. In its place were early morning walks, cafes, parks, take out sushi and in-room drinks. We stayed at the lovely Magnolia hotel, which I highly recommend. The location/staff/rooms are excellent. We called ahead and they had a crib set up in the room for our arrival. The hotel also supplies you with a complimentary breakfast from 6:30-10, which was such a bonus because it allowed us to go for an early walk, get her to sleep in the stroller and then enjoy a leisurely breakfast together, sipping coffee, reading the paper, ah bliss!  It's definitely an easy city to travel with a baby - you can cover it all by foot. Beacon Hill Park, the Royal BC Museum and the Inner Harbour are some of my favourite spots. I had the giggles checking out some of the artists along the inner harbour. Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of the arts, but wouldn't it be funny to say, "Happy 50th birthday, here's your name on a grain of rice!" Or, "Thanks for the 30 years of service with the company, here's a neon spray painted picture of Jupiter!"
The art displayed along the inner harbour is hit and miss, but that's the cheesy fun of it all. 
We were enjoying patio seating, watching the Bastion Square Grand Prix bike race when an old (elderly? distinguished? meddling?) lady joined us at our table (due to the lack of available seating). She said, "that's what I like to see, a mature mom." I looked around. Nope, it was definitely me she was looking at. Awesome. You win this round old lady. Then she says, "enjoy it while it lasts, they grow up fast, move away, and you never hear from them again." Ah, I see bitterness will be the victor in round 2. Before she continues, Stella looks at her and makes farting sounds at the lady with her lips. That's my girl. She's going to be a fun sidekick to travel with. 


Anonymous said...

This is The Good Life.

kelly said...

Thanks! I agree - time with loved ones checking out a new scene is my favourite combo! Thanks for stopping in.