June 27, 2012

in dreams

Do you have a recurring dream? I don't mean a recurring dream like I'd love to win the lottery or I'd love to make out with Javier Bardem... I mean the message your subconscious keeps trying to tell you through repeated dreams...
I had mine again last night: I am searching for a toilet and the ones I find are either completely disgusting (think Mexican truck stop) or completely public (think Home Depot toilet display), rendering them useless. It turns out this means that I need to let go of something or purge something that has blocked me. Do you have any recurring dreams lately? Apparently mine is quite common (placing #9 in the top 10 most common dreams) - here are the others:

10) Feeling trapped: means something/someone is holding you back from your full potential
9) Toilet dream described above
8) Drowning: you are overwhelmed by circumstances in your life
7) Flying: you have freedom to express yourself
6) Running in slow motion/going nowhere: facing hardships and obstacles.
5) Losing your teeth: feel powerless in a real life situation
4) Naked in Public: if you feel proud: you have nothing to hide and are read to come clean with a situation or that you are not afraid to fail. If you feel ashamed about being naked in your dream, it can mean you are very insecure or feel vulnerable in a relationship.
3) Lost/unprepared (You have a test you haven't studied for, can't find your classroom): anxiety about change or insecure about your abilities/performance
2) Falling: feeling abandoned/fear of abandonment
1) Chased: Running away from something (but it might be a talent you are not acknowledging or a love you aren't admitting to yourself.)

Have you had some of these dreams? When I was trying to get pregnant, I often dreamt that my teeth were falling out (#5 on the list). Do some of these dreams occur more regularly for you during a certain phase of your life?

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