June 20, 2012

tattoos, yes or no?

photo courtesy of visualize.us
Remember when you were young and you thought someone was a bad ass because they had a tattoo? When I was little I pretty much assumed that people with tattoos are naturally members of biker gangs. Tattoos have become so commonplace now that it seems it's more unique if you don't have one. Would you get one? I saw a man on the beach who had his entire back tattooed with the band "Korn". Now, if he's a member of Korn, then yes, that makes sense and serves as an awesome reminder of the fame he has achieved. If he is in no way affiliated with the band Korn, he may be rethinking that decision at age 65, or, perhaps now.
If you got one, where would you put it? Would you want it somewhere you could see it or would you prefer to put it somewhere more hidden, like your back? What would you get to truly represent who you are? Would you get something subtle or go big? Would you design your own? I am a huge fan of meaningful quotes written in a beautiful script. More recently I've been tempted to get my daughter's name on my wrist or arm (somewhere I could look at it daily where it wouldn't lose its shape too quickly.) I think tattoos, especially full sleeves, definitely look sexy on the right body (ie-like Beckham above.) Do you have a tattoo? If not, do you want one? 


MrsZad said...

Glen and I thought about getting each other's names tattooed under our wedding rings.

kelly said...

What a clever idea. I also loved your friend Amy's tattoo of her baby's handprint.

MrsZad said...

Yes, the baby's handprint is beautiful. Jasmine just got her first tattoo, "Cheers Daddy" on her right inner arm. Glen would often end a phone conversation with Cheers and she added Daddy in green because that was his favourite colour. I have them posted in the group page as well as my own.

Ush said...

Eric and I have talked about getting tattoos, but we kept getting to "what can you get that still looks good as it stretches and wrinkles?"
So, we're putting off getting tattoos till we're 80 :)

kelly said...

haha, Ush you are hilarious. Maybe at 80, you'll be sporting tattoos that say "Bingo!"