December 29, 2015

walking in a winter wonderland

The endless fresh air. The jaw dropping beauty of snow capped trees. Tossing ourselves down the hillside on toboggans with friends. Feeling like a kid, with my kid. These are the best days, where I feel like my cup is just full to the brim.
Parenting feels circular to me. In carving out little adventures for our family, I get to experience things all over again, through our daughter's lit up face, through her questions and observations. I get to do little things for her that my mom did for me, and in that moment, feel connected to my mom and the memory of us. Riding down the hill on our sled, holding onto my little girl, I'm instantly reminded of my mom holding me, and us wiping out on our old wooden toboggan, and making snow angels side by side, laughing in the snow. Motherhood feels like this string that I'm holding, linking me from one generation to the next. And I'm holding on with all my might.
One of my absolute favourite instagram accounts is thegraygang - she is someone who I completely relate to in terms of her outlook on life, on how her heart speaks.
This quote on one of her recent photos, resonated so deeply.  I wanted to share it with you because it epitomizes exactly how I feel:

"The truth is I don't have to be great at everything or even a handful of things -- but I've gotta be great at mothering. Not for you but for me. For my own reasons. And this doesn't make me irrelevant or weak; this instead gives me the greatest joy there is. The other crap can fall by the curbside but my family must always come first. Not because I have built my identity around them -- but because in the process of giving myself to my children, I have found myself."


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